Friday, October 21, 2016

Whoop Whoop Friday

I was happy to get my Mod Bear Paw quilt into a flimsy center as tomorrow Lorna will be walking us thru the instructions for the foot print border.  I know, borders.  Did you notice 3 on this already - then the foot prints, and then another - maybe even another.  What am I thinking!!!  But I love this quilt.

And this one is ready for sandwiching and quilting.  I made these blocks for the Rubix quilt last month for Let's Book It, so I am happy they are finally a flimsy.  All scrap solids in pinks, corals, blues, purples (no those aren't yellows, just a pink that photo'ed poorly) and some leftover jelly roll 'snow' strips.  USED UP! 

Joining Sarah for her Whoop link up

Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Bear is Walking

Starts Sept 3rd

I am in love with this pattern by LORNA and as soon as I posted it on my FB page, my daughter informed me this was HER quilt.  She still has her first Teddy Bear and had many of them growing up.  And she fondly calls her daughter Hannah-Bear or 'bear-bear' (because she is an girlanimal).

I lightened this up a little so you can see the paisley.  Who else has a paisley bear?

A variety of scrap brown paw blocks are ready and the sashings are ready.  Since I have a day of my sewing space to myself, I am going to put this center into it's flimsy stage as soon the outer footprint instructions come out.  I did purchase the pattern, but I am working along with the QAL taking advantage of Lorna's extra tips along the way.

Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Monday Making 10/17/16

I will be joining BETH with some fun sewing today.  I need to start my 'Let's Book It' project as the month is really flying by.  We are rolling into Indian Summer - expecting 70's and possibly 80's the next few days, so those windows and doors are going to be opened while it's here.


My project with this  TUTORIAL and I need to make one for each of my two grandsons.

I have a lot of FQs and scrap grays to chose from, the pattern template is printed off, and I need to pull out my bolt of interfacing - ready to make some sharks.  OOps, where did I put those zippers?

Sewingly Yours,

Slow Sunday Stitching 10/16/16

Slow Sunday Stitching

After finishing a timely project and then working a pattern that has some half inch finished HSTS, I need a day of slow.  So joining KATHY today with some slow stitching.

I have the next row of prepped circles for the '365' project to work on.  They go fast, so I have another project lined up - those hexie rosettes.

And think once it warms up (HA), I will take a walk and get some photos of the wonderful color coming out across the mountain.

Sewingly Yours,