Thursday, December 1, 2016


It always amazes us on how fast the year comes to an end.  How did it become December???  It's a month of lights, snow and feasts; time to make amends and tie up loose ends; finish up what you started and hope your wishes come true.

The 'Quilty 365' or my Leap Year (366) quilt will be one of those projects that will be coming to a finish.  This is November's four rows completed.  I have loved this project from the start and Slow Sunday Stitching has been a blessing to keep at all those hand stitches.  The layout will only have 360 circles on the front, but the last 6 (well already made) will be part of the label on the back.

With Barbara Brackman

November's block came out yesterday and the December block won't be until late in the month, so the Westering quilt will be more of a 2017 finish. Barbara announced the new BOM for next year and I added the button.  Yes, this Yankee better make this quilt, too. I look forward to the history of quilting in this region of New York.


This is Debby Kratovil's Adinkra African quilt and I look forward to the last block.  Not sure I will get the alternate blocks done, but everything is kitted and ready when I have time.  AND yes, I am doing borders on this one.


Of course I have the two hexie projects, but they are not a worry in finishing this month or even into next year.  They are my soothing whispers to carry on as long as they take.

I have the Gail Pan stitchery and there was one other Let's Book It mini I didn't finish - maybe........  Then there is the binding on the BEAR quilt and my granddaughter's quilt (not started).  We are expecting snow thru next week and that will be a good time for those.

There is, also, present wrapping to do - with some help - I think.

Sewingly Yours,

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Whispering Away November

How the last few months of the year do fly by.  November was a whisper that spoke of summer days, snowy days, rainy days, peaceful and thankful days, and some worrisome days.  In those worrisome days, November whispered - you will find sunshine, you will find peace, you will find thankfulness - you will carry on.


I got to play with some fun, bright fabrics from the shelf to test a pattern for Bea.  She hasn't released the pattern yet so I still can't show the finished quilt.  AND now that I think of it, I never sent her a photo of the finish - only the flimsy - yikes!!

My hexie projects (all my hand projects) have been a great whisper to find peace this month.  There is something very relaxing to needle and thread in hand.

I found some peace on a worrisome day by making some baby bibs for one of our quilt guild's charity projects to fill the community gift baskets.

And some solace in the later days of November with the 'hot dog' pillow case pattern.  This is another community charity project for our guild.  I take great pleasure (as do all our members) in giving back to our communities.

Some scrap play with some very soothing browns and boy do I have a LOT of browns.

Had the pleasure of sharing some class time with my fellow guild members take a class on using the TLC ruler.  I turned my block into a pillow which I forgot to photo, too.

Was so happy to have finally gotten the promised tutorial up for the mini key chain purse.


The only LARGE project was the Bear quilt shared as it was in progress.  Well my long armer dropped it off so it will officially be a December finish - I LOVE THIS QUILT!!  BUT, it will be going to my daughter as promised.

This month of November has taught me to listen to the whispers - the softness, the light - not the thunderous roars, but the whispers.

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, November 28, 2016

Let's Book It - November 2016

Dust Off Those Books
I so want to thank all you wonderful quilters who participated over the years with Let's Book It, but all things come into a cycle and it is time to retire this project.  It has certainly helped me in taking a look at those books I just had to have, add some new ones to expand my techniques/skills, read thru all those saved files (cleaned some them out - never will do), and condensed printed files from three note books down to just one.

Not every month over the years was successful, I had a few projects that defeated me.  We do run into those and just cannot beat ourselves up over that - move on.  And Let's Book It was not about finishes, but starts (and those resources) - most of mine were finishes yet a few need finishing.


Perfect example was this month's project.  Life made some changes in my plans.  We don't beat ourselves up - we move on.  This certainly will  be a project that I can grab some bits of time with during December (snow is on it's way again).

So I have two pins and two charms left for the year - two winners will be pulled as a final farewell:

I just love these 'bug' road trip charm holders.  The last charms are a bit different - one is a FMQ feather and the other is one of those fun tomato/strawberry pin cushions (still have my grandmother's).  It will be a surprise which one goes where as they are already boxed and waiting for name/address.

Now it is your turn to share: 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Slow Sunday Stitching

I will be joining KATHY today with some slow stitching.  The Leap Year (365) is getting closer to a finish.  The last few rows are clipped together and I have 2 rows worth of scrap squares ready to be made into circles.  Yeah, some high tech templates - old Christmas card backs and a Tumms lid to make the circle templates (they get worn after a few uses, so I cut a new one and toss the old).  I'm down to my last card back, too.

I will mix in some scrap processing with Oh, Scrap.  I am not a fan of Seasonal Fabric, but over time I have been gifted here and there and I want to just process this all down.  I actually made a double 4-patch quilt, but it is packaged with backing and I found a 1 yard candy cane print for binding - off to be finished up for a charity quilt.

Anything a FQ size or large will get pressed, re-folded, and gifted on to a local group to use - the rest CHOPPED and packed by size 2.5", 3.5", and 4.5" to pass on to a quilt guild member.

The under-bed tote this was stored in.  My SIL had a LOT of seasonal fabric - and bought MORE.  So she can use this now for her collection rather than having bags and bags of fabric on my table.

My Helper - Bella has a bit of a tummy problem.  She always sleeps on her head like this when her tum-tum is upset (bad mouse?), so hopefully meds and rest and she will be herself again.

A few knew that my real reason for a blog break was due to a family emergency.  My Mom has been rather ill and failing - and I didn't wait any longer and got her to the hospital.  She is now home, but it will take my time away from my quilting and possibly the blog while I and a few of her quilt class folks help to get her commission work finished.

I hope you all (US folks) had a lovely Thanksgiving - our local church (who hosted the community dinner) set up take out meals for us so Mom and I had a wonderful dinner. Very little Christmas decor will be done this year - we all need to relax, slow down, and breath.

Sewingly Yours,